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STEWART Murisa says many players in local football are paying coaches for them to be fielded in the teams in a scandal which he claims is widespread across all leagues.

The 1996 Soccer Star of the Year says it has become normal for some coaches to even demand the payments from the players with those who don’t pay being sidelined.

He made these claims on the YouTube channel “Let’s Talk, Ngatitaure, Asikhulume”.

Murisa recently relocated to the United Kingdom.

“I’m sorry to say this, but we as coaches and managers, are killing football because, as for young boys, it’s not about how good they are anymore, but about who they know,” said Murisa.

“And, for them to play in the first team, they are being forced to pay.

“A player is paid $7000 signing-on fee and he gets only $3000 while the manager and coach share the rest.

“This is bad, it’s actually happening and something needs to be done.

“I have had several young players come to me telling me that is what was happening to them. I can’t mention names obviously, but it is happening and it has been happening.”

He added:

“Players should play on merit not because they know so and so or they are paying so and so.

“There are a lot of very good players who are not playing and don’t even have clubs as we speak because of this issue.

“Most are scared to say it out for fear of being victimised. There should be a way we must stop this because it is killing football.”

Such shady dealings which are suppressing a lot of talent in the country, Murisa said, were at the heart of the declining standards of football.

A response was sought from ZIFA to establish if at all the mother body were aware of the allegations and if they were, what action they would have taken.

The association did not respond to the request sent by email.

Murisa is one of 10 players known to have played for the three traditional giants of local football – Dynamos, Highlanders and CAPS United.

The others are Lovemore Ncube, Roderick Mutuma, Stephen Alimenda, Thomas Sweswe, Newman Sianchali, Marshall Machazane, Valentine Ndaba, King Nadolo and Tichaona Diya.

  • Tomorrow, we will publish Murisa’s thoughts on the British Brigade and the controversy that their presence in the Warriors has torched in some circles.

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