‘There’s hope for Zimbabwe’

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‘There’s hope for Zimbabwe’


H-Metro Reporter

UNITED States-based clergyman, Apostle William Glover, who was in the country for the Tabernacle of Worship Family Ministries International conference last week, has preached the message of hope for the country.

The church, which is led by Bishop Jeff, was also celebrating its 10th anniversary and Apostle Glover was invited to the country as the main speaker.

The three-day conference ran under the theme, “There is much land to be possessed” with the message of hope for Zimbabwe taking center stage.

Apostle Glover said despite the challenges, in the country, the inhabitants should remain hopeful and never give up since God loves his people.

“Hope creates opportunity and if you hope for nothing, you give God an opportunity to do nothing,” said Apostle Glover.

Bishop Jeff also spoke of Apostle Glover’s message which he said is in line with their thrust of giving the whole gospel for the whole man.

“His message was clear; he gave the message of hope. He emphasised on how God loves his people and also encouraged people on the aspects of economic empowerment.

“We also talked about economic empowerment, the church has got empowered. Like I’ve been always saying, we want to give people a full package, we don’t give people false hopes and it’s not just about spiritual but the whole gospel for the whole man,” said Bishop Jeff.

He said more than 800 people attended the event, among them Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba and church leaders.

Mayor Gomba, Bishop Jeff and Apostle Glover at the orphanage stand

Mayor Gomba was also present at the ground breaking of the church’s land in Mufakose which they are working on building an orphanage.

Bishop Jeff is also active in HIV/AIDS related issues since he represents faith-based organisations in the National Aids Council-run Provincial Aids Action Committee (PAAC) for Harare Metropolitan.

And for that reason, a number of people also got tested and went home knowing their status.

“It was a success, more than 800 people attended the conference. We had people from the community and other surrounding areas. The Mayor of Harare was in attendance and we took him to our stand that we want to build an orphanage in Mufakose

“We had people getting tested of HIV and knew their statuses.”

Bishop Jeff is also into philanthropy and he also took an opportunity to make some donations to the needy during the conference.

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