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12 April 2016
THE new Hip hop musician, Tom Mutete, who sang a track dedicated to the Mighty Warriors who have made the country proud in more ways than one, should be emulated.

He used the talent he has to honour these mighty ladies who have – against a background of immense suffering and hardships – defied the odds and achieved sporting greatness that the country has not known for ages.

The Mighty Warriors have qualified for the Olympics set for Brazil later this year. That is no mean feat.

This is a qualification for the world’s biggest sporting showcase and no team sport from Zimbabwe has ever qualified for this showpiece.

Yes the Golden Girls of hockey won gold at the Olympics but they went there on an invitational basis.

Four years ago, the 2012 Summer Olympics, were held in London, in the United Kingdom.

Over 10,000 athletes from 205 Olympic teams and 170 Paralympic teams competed at the London Games battling for medals as the world watched and cheered.

Some of the countries that competed at these games had hundreds of athletes competing and they watched in awe at the opening ceremony as all their athletes made their lap of honour in pride.

No doubt such countries had more hope of grabbing medals – if the law of average is anything to go by.

The United Kingdom for example, has 557 athletes, followed by the United States of America with 534 and Russia with 441 . . . obviously these nations had more potential to grab medals and give their populace more variety as to which sport to follow.

Over 2100 medals were awarded in 302 Olympic ceremonies and many countries had hopes of securing many of these – even before the games had begun.

We are happy Zimbabwe was one of the 205 Olympic Committees that were competing for these medals but – for a nation that gave the world the Golden Hockey girls in the 1980 Olympic games – we can certainly send more than the less than 10 athletes we had at the games.

We can certainly do better than send athletes in only FOUR disciplines among them marathon, rowing and swimming.

Now, thanks to the Mighty Warriors, Zimbabwe will have way more than a handful of athletes hoisting the nation’s flag at that opening ceremony.

Surely, these ladies deserve more credit than they are getting. These are the Olympics for crying out loud. These ladies qualified for this grand showpiece against all odds but have not been duly recognized since the feat.

Not even the ANSA awards could reward them.

So they have added qualification for the Africa Cup of Nations with victory over Zambia but all is luke warm.

We need more Tom Mutetes.

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