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‘THEY ONLY COME FOR SEX’ Rare disease...Kembo family



Trust Khosa recently in Nyanga

A ‘cursed’ Nyanga North family suffering from a rare disease affecting their palms, knees and feet is in double jeopardy from abusive villagers.

The Kembo family recounted their trauma from villagers who are preying on them demanding sexual favours as well as looting part of the groceries they get from well-wishers.

Chisina Kembo narrates her story

This came to light over the weekend when Chisina Kembo and her sibling Nhamo received groceries from the Alfred Dondo Foundation who lived to their words after making a second donation.


“I’m grateful to have people who think of us here but the main challenge is that one of the village elders head demands his share of the cake each time we receive groceries.

Alfred Dondo Foundation members hands over groceries

“It’s unfortunate that there is nothing we can do about it but the village head has become a thorn in the flesh because he wants to know people who have visited us and why he was not informed in the first place.


“Life in the rural areas, especially here in the Fombe area is not rosy as the village head demands that we follow the protocols,” she said.

Some of the groceries

The visibly shaken Chisina said the aid has come at a time when they had gone for a week without food.


“You people were heaven-sent because we haven’t eaten anything solid for close to a week and we were on the brink of starving.


“The only challenge is that we don’t have a secure place to keep this stuff as you can see our hut is dilapidated and we are living in fear in case it rains since we are approaching the rainy season.


“The other challenge we are facing is that we are fetching water from a well which is a long distance from this place.


“At the moment we are only left with two litres of water and I don’t know long will it last us but the girls will make a plan,” she said.


Chisina’s sister Nhamo who doesn’t remember her age said they were also struggling to fend for their children.


“The other problem is that we are struggling to look after our young children since their fathers are not taking care of them.


“They just come for sex and disappear once their children are born so there is nothing we can do to bring them to book.


“Of course we also need children to look after us but our partners only come for sex and disappear after getting sexual favours.


“To be honest we are being taken advantage of by sex predators but we also need their support,” she said.


Asked how their condition started, Nhamo explained:


“According to our mother‘s narration, our late grandfather who was a sangoma sacrificed us but he died before we were treated.


“We have been to doctors but they couldn’t ascertain our condition and we are now leaving it to God.”


Speaking at the same event, Alfred Dondo foundation representative who also represented Impala Car Rental Tracy Ngoma said they were touched by the Kembo family’s plight.


“When we came here and made our first donation, we were really touched since they can hardly walk or do anything on their own.


“As per our promise, we are simply fulfilling what we said and it is our hope they will go a long way with the stuff.


“We were taught by our late patron Mr Thompson Dondo to give and we are simply continuing with his legacy.


“In life we need to give to the poor and make sure that we bring a cheer in their lives,” she said.


Added Ngoma:


“By sharing and giving does not mean that we are rich but were just playing our part in changing a life as is the motto with our foundation.


“We will continue monitoring their condition and see how best we can assist them.”


Over the years, the Alfred Dondo Foundation has bailed out the poor by paying school fees for the less privileged students, meeting medical expenses for the sick as well as donating wheel-chairs to the poor.


These donations are part of the Impala Car Rental and its subsidiaries’ corporate social responsibility that has changed many people’s lives.



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