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‘THEY THINK I AM A MAN’ Nyasha “The female photographer” Gurure


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Twenty-six-year-old portrait female artist Nyasha “The female photographer” Gurure says society should move away from being gender biased when it comes to job selection.

Nyasha believes that in these contemporary times both women and men are required to equally share responsibilities.

Nyasha “The female photographer” Gurure

She said people always question her gender due to the nature of her job.


The Chitungwiza based says people think was inspired at a tender age and defied a patriarchal society that believes only men should be manual jobs.

Some of her photographs

“People actually ask me if I am really female and I have never posted myself especially on my photography accounts.


“Growing up I had huge interest in photography, I aspired to be a photographer.


“I saw a lot of male photographers but never encountered a female photographer, so I told myself that one day I am going to be a female photographer.


“That’s where the name ‘The Female photographer’ came from and my type of photography is quite different from other people’s.


“I play with shadows mainly because I love art which has to do with shadows because shadows tell a deeper and more subtle story than a clear picture,” she said.


Nyasha said her art leaves people hungry for more.


“I also love enhancing beauty that’s why I do artistic portraits and I do commercial adverts, I also run a wedding magazine called Svitsa.


“I also take family pictures, pictures of new-born babies and weddings as well in which I will be using light for these shoots not shadows.


“This is my third year in this industry,” she added.


She said there are many challenges which come with the industry.


“You know how it is when they see a dress behind the camera they doubt and I always I make sure I deliver the best.


“I urge other females that even the industry is male dominated don’t hesitate to release your potential and art.


“And also be a brand, build your own unique signature.


“People actually ask me if I am really female and I have never posted myself especially on my photography accounts.”

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