Things are changing: Gasa

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Things are changing: Gasa



Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ROMEO Gasa says his heart bleeds for fellow sungura artistes who are not exploiting new opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

The 33-year said he was worried by the silence of most artistes in the country’s most popular genre at a time they appear resistant to technology.

Romeo Gasa

Gasa, who recently added his voice in raising awareness against the Coronavirus by releasing a song and video titled Munamato Wangu#Coronavirus  said sungura artistes needed to step up.

“It’s no doubt that sungura is the most followed genre in Zimbabwe but the silence among fellow artistes in our genre during this lockdown is shocking.

“I was expecting to hear more music raising awareness against this virus as well as visuals promoting awareness but my fellows are quiet probably counting losses or in despair,”  said Gasa who believes exploiting internet and social media for good use have become a prerequisite.

Asked what he has done to create awareness against the Covid-19 pandemic, Gasa said:

“I constantly post stuff raising awareness on my Facebook and Instagram handles advising people on precautions.

“I recently released a single (Munamato Wangu#Coronavirus) at Maselo Productions which has an accompanying video.

“I felt I was doing myself a disservice if I remain idle during lockdown.

“Lockdown must not spell doom but enhance our creativity as artistes,” he said.

Gasa said it was high time big artistes keep abreast with technology or risk losing relevance.

“Technology is good because if you look now, we are indoors but I am always linked to my fans through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

“My new song for Coronavirus just went viral because of social media. They should wake up, things are changing such that they have to admit and be creative.

“If you go quiet during these time it might be difficult to rise after lockdown.”

Asked how long he took putting together a new single and video which has since been posted on Youtube,”  he said:

“I took a day of writing the track. Afterwards, I recorded it the next day and on the third day, we were shooting its videos.

“On the fourth day, we were done with video editing while the video was released on the fifth day.

“I then requested for permission from the police to shoot the video and was allowed on conditions.

“It was only myself and the producer and I did it around my area.”

The Extra Valembe boss however took a swipe at the new crop of music promoters who are sidelining sungura artistes.

“Despite them being quiet, I also feel for them because sungura is also being sidelined by these promoters.

“For instance Nash Paints’ Facebook live programme is only accommodating dancehall artist only and I don’t know why,” he said.

While the Covid-19 pandemic had it lessons like the need to be creative among artistes, especially those in sungura, Alick Macheso and his mentor Nicholas Zakaria have been posting visuals and fliers raising awareness against the lethal virus.

The majority of then have been quiet and during this lockdown which has raised more questions than answers.

It takes a collective effort in such trying time to raise awareness, according to Gasa’s camp.

With innovation and thinking outside the box, added Gasa, sungura can still win many souls.


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