THIS IS A WAR. . . Mafripa’s widow cries foul after botched attempt to evict her

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THIS IS A WAR. . . Mafripa’s widow cries foul after botched attempt to evict her Emily Dzvairo


. . . Says she has not known any peace since her husband’s death

Arron Nyamayaro

THREE men, claiming to be from the Messenger of Court’s office, attempted to evict the late Charles “Mafripa” Dzvairo’s widow from her Mandara house on Monday.

Mafripa is a former Warriors team manager.

The three men removed Emily Dzvairo’s property, in the presence of her two children, and dumped it more than 200m away.

They only took the property back into the house when she arrived home.

“My war of living in my own house is not yet over,” said Emily.

“Some men came here during my absence and removed property telling my minor children that they were from the Messenger of Court.

“They never showed their identity cards or any document and were driving a vehicle that has nothing to do with the Messenger of Court’s office.

“I have never known peace since the passing away of Charles. 

“Washington Mavhunga of MWRS Studios has dragged me to court over Charles’ debt.

“Charles borrowed US$10 000 from one Buyanga in October 2009 and surrendered title deeds of the house as surety and that has haunted us to this day.

“He used the money to buy vehicles to hire out to people during the 2010 Cosafa Cup tournament.

“I am praying for peace and justice to take its course because this Mavhunga is a son to one of our church pastors.

“ I am in a war to defend my house.

“The house wrangle has seen one of Mavhunga’s relatives, who works in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, occupying some rooms at my house as we speak,” said Emily.

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