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HARARE’S Ward 7 residents continue to face serious water woes as the City of Harare keeps them in the dark with no communication on efforts to address the crisis.

The residents have been complaining that they were being hit more under the municipality’s water rationing programme but the Council appears not bothered to provide any explanation to the situation.

The residents said they have gone for three weeks without running water and are getting impatient as they are not getting any responses from Council officials when they enquire about the situation.

They described the water crisis in Ward 7 as critical with reports received from affected residents from Mendel Road, Cornwall Road, Aberdeen Road and Wigtown Road.

Residents, who brought the matter to the attention of Council officials pleaded with the Ward 7 councillor to find a lasting solution to the prolonged water crisis.

A resident, Learnmore Gatusa, complained that they only briefly got water over the weekend before their taps went dry again.

“We had water briefly on Saturday, and then off again. On Sunday it was off and still the same now in Strathaven,” he said.

Another resident, Tatenda Muromo who stays along Mendel Road, called on the authorities to help them have water running again in their taps because it has been three weeks without council tap water.

The resident said when some areas got drops of water over the weekend those living along Mendel Road did not even get anything.

“We still have no water along Mendel Road, can we have water,” he said.

“Avondale West didn’t even get a drop when Strathaven got a little respite on Saturday.

“We have no water for 14 days now. This is so not right.”

Under the water demand management programme, the municipality is supposed to ration water so that all suburbs receive some water for at least three days in a week.

However, the rationing appears skewed as some suburbs receive every day of the week while others go for long periods without even a drop.

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