THREE YEARS, THREE DEAD VICTIMS, THREE IDENTITIES, ONE KILLER. . . Finally, justice catches up with killer. . . Peter shows no emotion on arrival

Arron Nyamayaro

FOR a man who has been a fugitive for THREE years, with the death of three people hanging over his head, Peter Dube looked incredibly calm when he arrived home yesterday to face justice.

He didn’t show any emotion as he emerged out of the arrivals at RGM International Airport to be met by homicide detectives who were waiting for his arrival.

He was very calm as the lead detective advised him that he was being arrested for the killing spree he engaged in when he shot dead three people in Gweru.

The Midlands capital, which is usually a quiet and sleepy city, is not used to such shocking crimes.

Reports claim that even though three years have passed, since the three cold-bloodied murders, some residents of Gweru, especially those within the vicinity of where the killings were conducted, have not yet recovered from the trauma.

The killings will be revisited this week when Dube is taken back to Gweru for the police procedures, including indications of how he gunned down the three people in cold blood.

Dube was advised of the crimes, which had brought the detectives to the airport to arrest him, and of the legal rights that he has, including applying for an order to the High Court for release, if the spends more than 48 hours in police custody.

Dube was deported from Mozambique and not extradited to Zimbabwe, the police were quick to emphasise yesterday after they finally got hold of one of their top targets.

Dube allegedly shot three people dead, and injured his second wife in 2021, in a murderous rampage which still sends shock-waves around Gweru.

He was quickly led to Gweru where he was detained awaiting a court appearance.

Peter, a car dealer, shot his lover Shelton Chinhango and his wife’s best friend Gamuchirai Mudungwe.

He then allegedly turned the gun on Nyaradzo, the sister of his second wife Nyasha Nharingo.

After the incident, Dube fled to South Africa, before relocating to Eswatini, where he changed his identity to Xolile Mtsali.

He then travelled to Ireland, where he was arrested in Dublin last year for violating the country’s immigration laws.

He was using a fake identity and when he was arrested in Dublin, he refused to be deported to Zimbabwe.

He claimed he was a Mozambican citizen named Armando Quenete Muchanga.

Peter was then deported to Mozambique and authorities there established that he was, indeed, a Zimbabwean.

They deported him to this country.

Peter will be taken for indications as police continue with investigations before he appears in court.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, promised to furnish the nation with more details in due course.

“Police arrested Peter Dube upon arriving at the airport,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi.

“He was on the police wanted list for murder allegations that took place sometime in 2021,” he said.

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