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Curtworth Masango

THE most prestigious bodybuilding tournament in the country, Mr and Ms Zimbabwe, lived up to its billing at the 7 Arts Theatre in Harare on Saturday night.

National Federation of Zimbabwe Bodybuilding and Fitness secretary-general Quiet Shangai said the event was one of the best, in terms of quality, ever staged on Zimbabwean soil.

“It’s quite encouraging. In terms of quality, we were on point. “This stands as one of the best Nationals we ever had, we are so happy.

“We may need to improve on numbers. We should aim for at least 10 contestants in each category to bring competitiveness among athletes,” he said.

Shangai hailed the emergence of other disciplines that has seen 11 disciplines open for competition.

“When you have the numbers in those categories, especially in men’s fitness the competition intensifies. “In Africa, Zimbabwe we are the best by a distance as we have managed to win gold twice in the men’s division.

“There was tough competition in the division which made it difficult to separate them and it’s what we will be looking forward to.”

Shangai said that for one to participate in the Nationals, he or she should qualify through the provincial as to increase the level of competition.

“We have gone back to the basics that for the Nationals one should not just go but should qualify, which is the norm in many countries, even in South Africa, where bodybuilding is taken seriously.

“We are saying if you place in the top six, then you have qualified for the next coming year.

“But if you don’t place or compete at the National then you have to go through the provincials.”

Shangai is looking forward to the involvement of more women in the next addition and they are going to embark on seminars.



Senior Men Bodybuilding Overall winner

Mark Anthony Vassilatos

Men’s Physique Overall winner

David Weier


Most outstanding Female athlete

Nomathamsanga Phiri


Senior Men Bodybuilding over 85kgs

  1. Mark Anthony Vassilatos
  2. Noah Dzvokora
  3. Gideon Teguru
  4. Irvine Dekeya
  5. Simbarashe Nyamukondiwa
  6. Nunurai Masosonere


Senior Men Bodybuilding up to and including 85kgs

  1. Edward Mutero
  2. Aaron Musarurwa


Women Beach Bikini

  1. Demi- lee Benade
  2. Isobelle S Voslo
  3. Yeukai Midzi
  4. Evangelistah Madanhi
  5. Mitchel Chivake


Women Bikini Fitness

  1. Nomathamsanga Phiri
  2. Linnety Tom
  3. Kirsty McSorley


Men’s Physique up to and including 176cm

  1. Jose Luquembo
  2. Genius Gwara
  3. Pritchard Hoko
  4. Prestone Chamunorwa
  5. Jonathan Fredericks
  6. Lewis P. Tembo


Wheelchair Men Bodybuilding

  1. Lesley Gondo
  2. Marko Mwale
  3. Pearson Tazvivinga
  4. Lameck Rashai

Junior Men Bodybuilding

  1. Aaron Musarurwa
  2. Panashe Hillary Mabika
  3. Stanslous Chirenje
  4. Shelton Chidembo
  5. John Tatenda Mandinyanya
  6. Weignrace Masendeke


Men’s Fitness

  1. Paul Bako
  2. Justine Mututumusa
  3. Beloved George
  4. Donald Munashe Matambirofa
  5. Francois J.T. Nyashanu
  6. Pearson Charakupa


Senior Men Bodybuilding up to and including 75kgs

  1. Francis Tatanca Chideme
  2. Stanslous Chirenje
  3. Weignrace Masendeke
  4. Dylan Hakata
  5. Suwali Masiye


Men’s Physique over 176cm

  1. David Weier
  2. Blessing Itai Sithole
  3. Tinotenda Ryan Gumbo
  4. Tarusarira Munengoni


Women Wellness Fitness

  1. Mitchel Chivake

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