Ti Gonzi: I’m not expecting anything

11 Feb, 2020 - 11:02 0 Views
Ti Gonzi: I’m not expecting anything Ti Gonzi


Edwin Nhukarume, H-Metro Reporter

Popular Zim hip hop artiste Tinashe “Ti Gonzi” Gonzara says he is not expecting anything from the NAMAs after he was nominated in the Outstanding Male category.

Ti Gonzi will be battling it out with Winky D and Mambo Dhuterere for the big accolade.

The rapper said he will not put high expectations to avoid disappointment.

“To tell you the truth I am not expecting anything from these awards.

“It would be good in that way because I do not want to be disappointed.

“The ZIMAs came out with the disappointing outcome and I do not know how their awards work,” said Ti Gonzi.

“I really wanted to voice out on these ZIMAs but people around me had to restrain me from doing radical moves.

“At nominations they seemed okay but when it comes to winners I was surprised, so on the NAMAs I am not expecting anything,” he added.

Though Ti Gonzi said he will not put high expectations on the NAMAs, he said he is happy and appreciates the nomination.

“It is really good to be recognised among the best.

“I am happy with the mination and for me it is a win.

“2019 has been a great year for and I have also received several awards from the local Zim hip hop awards,” he told H-Metro.

Meanwhile, NAMA does not have many categories for music awards as they merge musicians from different genres to compete for the same award.

Ti Gonzi said he has no problem with it since he understands that the NAMAs accommodate different artists in their awards.

“For those who feel the music category need to be expanded, I think they are selfish.

“The NAMAs main aim is to appreciate all different type of art and music is not the only art.

“These are national awards for arts, on that issue I understand their way of recognising artists,” he told H-Metro.


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