TI Gonzi performance disrupted

16 Dec, 2019 - 12:12 0 Views
TI Gonzi performance disrupted TI Gonzi


Taonga Nyemba , Entertainment Reporter

ZIM hip hop sensation, Ti Gonzi, was forced off stage after his DJ’s laptop was switched off in the midst of his performance.

The “Best Verse” award-winning artiste was forced to exit Club Woods after a technical fault as he was performing at the Zim Hip Hop Awards ceremony.

Ti Gonzi said he was not happy with what happened at the Zim Hip Hop Awards ceremony.

“I was not happy as they sabotaged my performance, mushini wakadzimwa.

“I don’t know why vaida kundichipisa, I had to leave I felt disrespected I don’t know who switched off the power source but it was not cool at all,” said Ti Gonzi.

The Zvenyu singer who was forced off stage left the crowd chanting his name wanting him to come back on stage and perform Kure.

When asked on how the ninth edition if the Zim Hip Hop Awards were, Ti Gonzi said there was need to be more organised and gave credit to those who have really worked.

“I think it was an edition like no other but there is need to be more organised.

“I think awards must be given according to how one has worked to avoid a lot of talk,”he said.


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