Ti Gonzi reflects on drug abuse fight

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Ti Gonzi reflects on drug abuse fight Ti Gonzi


Mary Mutamiri

HE lost his mother, baby mama, friends, and missed out on life opportunities.

This is the untold story of Zim Hip Hop star Ti Gonzi and his battle against drugs.

He opened up amid revelations that Zimdancehall chanter Donna Don is homeless.

The Mudendere singer’s plight came to light after it emerged he had failed to deal with drug abuse.

“To be honest, there was a point I started to see the real picture,” said Ti Gonzi.

“I started to think about all the artists who became famous through my name.

“I wasn’t taking my business seriously so some artists took advantage of that and started to make money through me.

“I wrote songs for them but I didn’t get money for that but rather they were the ones who were benefiting from my labour.

“It really affected me and I was left out and that was the same time I lost my mother.

“I lost my manager Kelvin Mutandwa.

“Honestly, I was hurt because we were so happy and good together but, unfortunately, all is now history.”

The chanter also regrets losing his baby mama.

“During the period I was a drug addict, I started fighting with my baby mama, every time, I became so abusive and ndaiwanza hasha.

“I made the wrong decisions.

“I was not even responsible for the upkeep of my baby because my focus was all on drugs.

“Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings and fights, we broke up with my baby mama,” said Ti-Gonzi.

However, the chanter also revealed he turned his life around.

“I vowed to quit drugs forever, I was hurt with all the things I lost, I didn’t want to see myself identified as a loser or failure.

“There is this young guy called Saints who used to be a fan and now we are brothers, he helped me to come out of the situation, he really played a crucial role.

“That time I was actually suffering from a heartbreak, I was traumatised, I was lost but I am happy now.”

He urged other artists to help Donna Don to quit drugs.

“The most we can do as artists is post about it, like I did and encourage fans and masses of people to actually pray for him.

“He really needs everyone’s prayers because it’s not easy to quit drugs.”

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