Tilder show ups level

03 May, 2017 - 16:05 0 Views
Tilder show ups level


3 May 2017

. . .  DNA testing comes to radio

ONE of Star FM’s popular radio slots, The Tilder Show, is expected to bring fireworks to radio listeners and break new ground in the history of local broadcasting as it launches a new programme that involves DNA testing.

The programme, which is expected to start on May 9, sees couples that have issues surrounding biological status of their children gracing the show to open up about their relationship and find out who the real biological parent of children are.

The children and the parents will then receive free DNA testing courtesy of DNA Company sponsoring the programme.

Speaking about the programme, Tilder Moyo, said:

“There are a lot of men out there that cry about paying maintenance and yet they say the child is not theirs.

“They have also failed to prove it citing the expenses that come with DNA testing.

“We are starting this new programme next week Tuesday and it will being sponsored by a DNA testing company.

“Every week we are going to have a couple telling us their issues whether it’s the father complaining or it’s the mother.

“After that they will then go for tests and then the following week we reveal the results.

“We are also going to make sure there will be tight security,” she said during an interview on the Breeze with Tariro.

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