Time for online sales-Selmor

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Time for online sales-Selmor Selmor Mtukudzi


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SELMOR Mtukudzi says its high time artistes seriously consider online sales and modern ways of generating income.

She opened up as most artistes were left stranded as a result of the ongoing 21-day lockdown meant to curb the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), which has left many of her peers grounded.

This follows President Mnanganga’s directive for a 21-day national lockdown which began Monday.

Many people have been complying with the directive meant to save lives.

However, artistes who were caught by surprise will find the going tough but vowed to religiously follow the orders.

And one such celebrity is Selmor whose handlers said they have also learnt a quite a lot from the Covid-19 inspired lockdown.

“It’s quite a difficult period not only for us but all artistes.

“Traditionally musicians relied on three main sources of revenue: record sales, airplay royalties and live shows, however piracy has eroded music sales.

“With most radio stations not paying royalties on time or not paying at all, we no longer count on royalties.

“That only leaves live shows which have also been affected by Covid-19. You can’t save anything in such circumstances,” she said.

Asked what they have put in place to sustain her group, Selmor said:

“As a band we are finalising negotiations with our partners to create a fund that will cushion band members until we resume live shows.

“It’s really a wake-up call for all artists in the country to consider online sales and modern ways of generating revenue seriously.”

Asked what role can celebrities play in creating awareness against Covid-19 during the lockdown period  and beyond, Selmor said:

“Because of the call for social distancing artist mostly can help with awareness, through video drops, jingles and awareness flyers. We can use our influence.”

Despite the lockdown, Selmor has vowed to continue using her role to create awareness against covid-19.

“If u check on our page and other social media platforms we have been encouraging our fans in general to follow the prevention guidelines as set by WHO and to follow   government’s directive of staying at home and social distancing.

“We continue to encourage both women and children to practice safe hygiene.”

She however said most of her prgorammes were affected were affected by covid-19 but vowed to  catch up once normalcy prevails.

“Just like other bands we have postponed or cancelled many shows locally and the region losing a lot of revenue.

“We had also scheduled a local and regional tour to promote our latest album and that has been put on hold.

“We had also planned a major show for each quarter of the year, starting with the launch, a show with a popular comedian, and a gig with a legend who featured on our latest album. All that has been affected.

“However, we continue urging people to take precautions during these trying times like to wash their hands, effect social distancing and avoid unnecessary movements. Each day we share information on the disease.

“As part of the precautions to curb the spread of Covid-19, we have long stopped holding shows and rehearsals until the environment is conducive,” she said.

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