Tinopona Katsande discloses illness

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Tinopona Katsande discloses illness


Desmond Munemo

Popular actress, radio and television personality Tinopona Katsande affectionately known as Tin Tin has opened up on her condition and life as a mother.

Tin Tin, who is heavily pregnant, posted on her Facebook page narrating how she has pulled through fibroids and endometriosis which can  cause infertility.

The condition is an often painful health condition in which the tissue that makes up the lining of the womb is present on other organs inside a body.

“I have a gynecological condition called endometriosis which is often misinterpreted as jeko/islumo in Shona /Ndebele or just a bad period pain every month by those that really have no idea.

“Several years back I was told I would probably never be able to have my own child due to the level and severity of the condition.

“Yes, medically I had given up trying to have a child, with dozens of surgeries done, all sorts of alternative remedies and medicines later and of course rotating pain management programs , oh and coupled with kumborambwa because “hauzvare” and all the derogatory names that come with that, I honestly was seriously contemplating a hysterectomy at 36 years old,” she said.

Tin Tin further recounted how she had her first child despite the conditions which she encountered and the medical history she went through despite previously being advised she could not have children.

“I conceived and gave birth to my first born in 2016 at 36 years old.

“It was a horrendous pregnancy with three fibroids growing with him in my womb but faith is faith and God is God.

“I had a quick and safe natural delivery, another miracle to me, considering where the fibroids were and how they moved to make way for him to slide out the birth canal for a natural birth instead of the operation we had prepared for.

“We called him Yambuko (the crossover for indeed takayambutswa).

“My father named him Mukana (mumwe Mukana ‘another chance’ to see the power of God in our lives).
“I watched my little miracle grow always with joy and much gratitude in my heart, but like any or most mothers you begin to pine for another blessing but I was convinced there was no way that would be possible for me,” said Tin Tin.

“I still had the endometriosis and what was so special about me of all people with all the judgment of people and from me that my Jehovah would grant me another miracle.

“I told myself almost five months ago, I found out I was expecting my second child after going for a routine scan to see just where those damn reoccurring endometriosis and fibroids where this time and determine if I needed yet another surgery,” she added.

She also revealed how happy she was to expect another child whom she is expecting.

“Today at 40 years old, I’m surrounded by love support, encouragement and prayers as I beam “any day now”.

“We are expecting another boy and albeit this pregnancy has been just as horrendous if not worse than the first, I have all the faith that it shall be well,” said Tin Tin.

“Never doubt the power of your Creator!

“He made you so he can fix you. I’m no preacher and have absolutely no intention to ever be one but I will not stop professing my testimonies because I am a living proof that there is a God and he makes things happen if you just allow him,” she said.

She also went on to explain how difficult and expensive the condition Endometriosis is and that it is a silent disease which too many women in Zimbabwe are dismally suffering from.

In January 2014, Katsande again came up in the open to reveal that she suffers from endometriosis.

She said by coming out in the open, she wanted to inspire and save a life in the process.

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