TK Hollun bounces back

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TK Hollun bounces back


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SOUTH Africa based pop artiste, TK Hollun, says he is working on a massive project that will see him silencing his critics.

Born Tendekayi Mushekwi, the musician told H-Metro he is recording a new video that will serve as his comeback after a sabbatical.

Pictures of the Ndafunga Kure singer shooting the video in Durban have since gone viral after the musician engaged professional models that have left fans looking forward to the visuals.

“I was born to do quality music that is timeless and my fans know that every song is worth the wait.

“Anyone thinking that I am now a spent force is dreaming, I am not under pressure from anyone, I was just under the weather for some time but I am now back on my feet.

“I am currently recording my new video in Durban for the song-Blood Pressure and so far everything looks perfect,” said TK Hollun.

Pictures from the Durban shoot have also gone viral with the Ndafunga Kure singer riding on the wave.

“The video is lit and my fans should look forward to having a quality product on their screens.

“We engaged professional models casted from Tanzania, Burundi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe to come up with a good product,” he said.

TK Hollun also revealed how went through a trying time.

“I was hospitalised and went through an operation which almost threatened my life, I would like to thank my dear brother Nyasha Mushekwi and my wife for standing with me.

“I met a number of obstacles but promise my fans to share with them all finer details in my new album.

“I promise the album will not disappoint and being absent from the scene spending time with family helped me realise my potential,” he said.

He says he will be launching his forthcoming album back home in October.

Through his Shakestone Records, the musician has been able to get a few Zimbabwean artistes off their feet.

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