Tocky Vibes presses panic button?

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Tocky Vibes presses panic button?


9 October 2018

BARELY nine months after releasing a 19-track album titled Tsamba, Tocky Vibes is back in studio working another album to be released end of this month.

Interestingly, the new album tilted Chamakuvangu carries 20 songs which were produced by more than five producers.

Apart from the two albums within a year, Tocky has also released a number of singles which have accompanying videos.

However, questions have been raised whether the chanter has pressed the panic button or is desperate for a hit song.

While some of the songs are doing well, it can be argued that they are average from a man who used to produce a gem whenever he goes into the studio.

Songs like Mberiyo, Sambotya featuring Oliver Mtukudzi and Muzita featuring Kupa Kwashe Choral group can be singled out but cannot be classified as hits.

Tocky Vibes’ last song which had rave reviews is Maoko Mudenga which was released early 2017.

H-Metro caught up with Tocky Vibes at Mount Zion studios where he was working with renowned Zimdancehall producer, T-Man.

He said he we will never stop releasing music and that has been his trend since he ventured into the music industry.

“But why should I stop releasing when I have the songs. This is the time I should be releasing as many songs as I can because I still have the energy.

“Would you tell a footballer to stop playing because he is in fine or poor form? This has been the case over the years, I was releasing a single after the other.

“Now that some of the songs are not topping the charts, as you may call it, it now becomes a concern.

“I am doing what I have to do as a musician,” he said.

The chanter said, after all, music is a mission and not a competition.

“Music is a mission and that is what I am just doing,” he said.

Speaking on the new album, the Ndini Ndinorira singer said they are now putting final touches for the album and will be released end of this month.

“I have named the album Chamakuvangu and will be ready by end of this month. We are promising our fans something great.

“At the moment we are putting final touches to the project so that we come up with the best,” he said.





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