Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to a genius

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Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to a genius Cont Mhlanga


Edwin Nhukarume

 VETERAN playwright, film-maker and founder of Amakhosi Theatre, Cont Mhlanga, will be laid to rest in Lupane tomorrow.

Cont, who left an indelible mark in the local arts sector with his prowess in film-making and theatre, was granted a State-assisted funeral by President Mnangagwa.

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) hailed the intervention by the government, which they said has lessened the burden of the funeral costs.

 There will be a send off memorial service today at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre at 9 am.

 The service will be an event to honour the hero for his huge impact and contribution to the local arts industry.

There will also be a family service today this morning at Amakhosi Township Square.

The Bulawayo residents will have the privilege to view Cont’s casket as there will be a drive through the city before heading to Lupane for burial.

 NACZ has implored the players in the arts sector to celebrate the life of Cont, who was an icon and national asset, in the arts industry.

 The board believes Zimbabwe’s local arts industry will never be the same without Cont.

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