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TONGAI TOOK ME PLACES – SOMA The late Tongai 'Dhewa' Moyo (right) and Soma


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SOMANDLA Ndebele says his late friend and sungura giant Tongai Moyo was adventurous and peace loving.

The Denda Brothers made the revelation as the showbiz industry celebrated the departed entertainer’s ninth anniversary last week.


Dhewa died on October 15 2011 after battling cancer.

Soma and the late  Tongai

Ever since his death, October 15 has become an important day on the national showbiz calendar.


And Soma being the late singer’s best friend, he shared with H-Metro some of the things they used to do together.


“Tongai enjoyed travelling and visiting tourist resorts when we were free.


“At times we would perform in Kariba, Victoria Falls or the Eastern highlands but we had not time to see nature.


“So we had devised a way for us to be able to see or visit some of these resorts.


“We would travel back to these places when we were free so that we are also acquainted about the country’s tourist resorts.


“At some point we would use one car or two cars as we also wanted to have fun.


“Tongai took me to places that I never imagined that I would visit on my own.


“In fact, we taught me to appreciate my tourist attractions,” he said.


Soma said Dhewa was also a person who had his roots at heart.


“Dhewa would visit his rural home every Tuesday and that made him a favourite with his mother aChihera.


“At times I would take him to my rural home as well and we have become more than friends.


“Dhewa would perform all rural chores expected of men and humility took him far.


“Of course on stage he appeared different but in real life Dhewa was a humble person who believed in hard work.


“He smiled all the times but could be strict with his family or band members,”he said.


Asked how he handled Dhewa when he was down, Soma said:


“I entered the music industry first before Tongai but I had learnt a lot when dealing with the media.


“Tongai would break down when the media ran stories he thought attacked his person.


“He would drive to Harare just to ask for my opinion but I later advised him to accept criticism and that’s how he managed.


“The moment that I felt for him most was when his wife died and he felt the media yakamupinda hard.


“He was inconsolable and I later gave him the strength that the needed,” he said.


Soma said he was however worried by the bickering between Dhewa’s sons Obert Tongai Junior and Peter.


“I have been following that issue but I don’t think is the best Dhewa wished for.


“As a father figure, I will take responsibility and whip them in line.


“Peter must stamp his authority while Obert must know his position.


“At the end of the day, what we want is unity and not infighting.


“If one of them wants to rise on disses, only time will tell but Dhewa loved his children equally.”


Soma said he has since made great strides in integrating his family with Dhewa’s.

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