Tonny B features Madam Boss in video

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Tonny B features Madam Boss in video


4 December 2018

Tonny B-Tonny B and Madam Boss

…video portrays Tytan-Olinda situation

SOUTH Africa based musician, Tonny B, has featured female comedian Madam Boss in his new video entitled Ndiwe Wandinoda.

Shot by Naxo Films, the video portrays a story of a young man that falls head over heels with a rich older woman, a situation some of the viewers have likened to that of Tytan and Olinda.

Below are some of the comments on the video on Youtube:

  • Diana Mutyasira

Kkkkkk wabata Olinda na Tyatan iweka KKKK hoooo uchaitirwa live olinda kkkk

  • Amanda Tarusenga

Olinda ngaambomira izvozvo?

  • Man United

Chakabatwa bhoo ichi kunge Olinda na Tytan

However Tonny B said the video has nothing to do with the two (Tytan and Olinda) as one can fall in that same situation.

“Anyone can fall in the same situation because love is a very tricky thing.

“I was inspired to do this song because I realised a lot of young guys are getting more into these situations and it is tricky because in our culture it’s something that is not really tolerated.

“But what can one do if that’s the one person they love?

“This is a real life incident that is on a rise in our culture and I feel there is a battle between love for the family versus love for your partner and society should look and discuss at depth into issues like these so that both parties are happy in the end,” he said.

The video, which was released last Tuesday, is already sitting on 7000 views on YouTube.


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