Too serious for pageants?

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Too serious for pageants?


28 November 2018

…maintaining winning streak

With at least 10 titles to her name, it is no doubt that Maita Kainga must be doing something right in the world of pageantry.

The 24-year-old, whose recent participation at the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe (MTZ) pageant landed her the Miss Talent crown said it is not as easy as it may look.

Unlike most beauty queens, Kainga holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and is involved in various empowerment projects.

“I co-founded for Yama foundation for women dealing with key issues such early childhood marriages and I am Miss Albinism mentor.

“I am also ambassador for Amai Makanaka Foundation we take care of under privileged children and try give them the same opportunities all other children get.

“MTZ was a lovely experience and as philanthropist meeting women who also have the same goals as you is a spectacular opportunity.

“It creates a platform to address key issues which are not only timely and relevant to the girl child but Zimbabwe and the world at large,” she said.

Kainga told H-Metro that she has been taking months of breaks in between the competitions and this allowed her to launch Function Junction Event Artisans.

The beauty is expecting to venture fully into fashion by collaborating with Shona on a clothing line.

She shared her pageantry world survival tips saying it is of great importance to love yourself and be strong.

“You have to be comfortable in your own skin and love who you are as an individual.

“Also to be tough skinned just like a crocodile as it’s not easy to compete against amazing women it takes strength and courage so one has to be strong.

“The challenge I’ve faced is with the economic situation, it may be slightly tough to prepare for international pageants as companies don’t really endorse models thus financial support may be somewhat more difficult to attain.

“My career highlights  are so many, helping others out, being part of the first ever Miss Albinism Zimbabwe team, having helped countless girls boost their confidence has been incredible,” she said.

The reigning Miss Talent (MTZ) has engaged in various community work as a queen and at one point she had to spend time in paediatric cancer award as she is passionate about issues regarding children.

List of titles

  • Miss Summer Slam 2013
  • Miss 21st February Movement Zone 4 1st princess 2014
  • Miss MSU 2014
  • Miss Zimbabwe People’s Choice 2014
  • Miss 21st February Movement 2015
  • Miss Africa Zimbabwe 2016
  • World Miss University 2016
  • Miss University Africa Zimbabwe 2017
  • Miss Glam World 2017/2018
  • MTZ Miss Talent 2018


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