Arron Nyamayaro

A VISITING top American entrepreneur, Dr Jacqueline Mohair, said Zimbabwean businesswomen have the potential to take the nation to another level.

She said this in her speech at the awards ceremony of Dr Afra Nhanhanga held in Harare.

“I got the opportunity to visit places where a number of local businesswomen invested and are creating jobs for many,” said Dr Mohair.

“A number of businesswomen, who include Dr Afra Nhanhanga, are changing people’s lives.

“Zimbabwean women are striking the rights codes and have the potential to take the nation to greater heights.

“Dr Afra took me to an orphanage home in Ruwa, Zimcare Trust near Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, and I felt the love given to me by the children housed there.

“I want to congratulate Dr Afra Nhanhanga for the achievements, locally, regionally and internationally.

“Remain blessed, knowing that to much is given, much is required.”

She added:

“Embrace the challenges you face and transform them into opportunities.

“Let your life be the stepping stone for a number of people in fulfilling their dreams.

“I promise you that I am going to return to Zimbabwe and I will not be alone.

“I got the opportunity to visit Kariba Dam as well as Victoria Falls.

“Thank you Zimbabweans for the hospitality, peace and prayers.”

Dr Afra was in March awarded the Entrepreneur of 2023 by the United Nations Global Women Foundation.

She was the winner in the Mega Fest Zimbabwe Top 20 Outstanding Woman in Business of the Year 2022.

She also received two honorary doctorates for the philanthropic work she carried across the nation.

Dr Afra, one of the directors of CAG Travellers buses, started as a conductor under her father, and has excelled in the male-dominated bus transport industry.

Among the guests were Mercy Matsika of Mega Fest, Lucy Marowa of the National Blood Service in Zimbabwe and other captains of industries.

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