Top American entrepreneur jets in for awards celebration

Arron Nyamayaro

WOMEN have been urged to unpack their potential and help take the nation to higher levels.

The call was made by Dr Jacqueline Mohair, soon after arriving at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport yesterday.

Dr Mohair, founder and president of Trinity International University of Ambassador School of Business, is in the country to grace Dr Afra Nhanhanga’s awards celebration to be held in Harare this Friday.

She challenged women to take advantage of the peace prevailing in this country.

“This is my first time in Zimbabwe and I want to thank Dr Afra Nhanhanga for inviting me to a lovely and peaceful nation,” said Dr Mohair.

“I wish to meet a number of women since they are the ones with the potential to take the nation to higher levels.

“Every woman has the power within her and if it’s unpacked a number of families will do well.

“I am here to unpack the potential by helping women to turn their passion into profits and dreams into reality.

“I am passionate about empowering people to succeed in life and business, teaching mankind how to birth vision and turn their pain into purpose.

“We were created by a creator who gave us power to create from the well within.”

Dr. Mohair has helped hundreds of small business owners, corporate professionals, and non-profit organisations to succeed.

She is a Business & Life Strategist, Advocate, Professor, Life Coach, Minister, Entrepreneur and Ambassador.

She has written inspirational books on empowerment and entrepreneurship, teaching women from all walks of life how to win through faith.

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