Top DJ in abuse scandal

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Top DJ in abuse scandal


24 December 2018

Celebrated wheel-spinner, Tapuwa “T-Fresh” Mhlanga, yesterday took to his Facebook Page to rant against his allegedly abusive girlfriend.

In response, the actress girlfriend Pride “Miss Pryde” Mpofu also posted on her Facebook Page saying T-Fresh is a serial abuser who always beats her up.

The fracas arose between T-Fresh and his actress girlfriend Pride “Miss Pryde” Mpofu at the just ended BodySlam bash dubbed Madirirano held in Highfield over the weekend.

However, Mhlanga said he was not at liberty to disclose the issue that led to the fight.

In his post, T-Fresh said he suffered a major injury after his now ex-girlfriend bit him on his arm.

The post read:

‘This is what happened last night after a major fracas with my now “Ex” girlfriend and I suffered a major injury on my right hand after she violently started fighting with me, and she bite my hand so deep that I had a torrid time trying to restrain her, unfortunately I’m not at liberty to disclose the issue. But I just want to thank the Lord ndabuda ndirimupenyu and this arrangement I had with this particular person was a bit unstable and very dangerous to me as I was dealing with a violent woman from . . . area if you know what i mean, vanhu ivavo havaite they’re capable of killing you ivo “ma…..” aya, and at one time she wanted to hit me with a bottle that’s when she was restrained by my friends. I’m in serious pain and I’ve gone to the Doc for medical attention and now i had to go through unnecessary expenses amounting to US$50 equivalent to $170 bond just to treat my hand. I’m glad I’m out of this arrangement, I’ve learnt my lesson. I pray I recover soonest and start on a clean slate, New Vehicle, New money, New Hennessy Queen etc. so God Help Me.’

There were a lot of mixed feelings in T-Fresh’s comment section, including a comment from Miss Pryde urging him to stop playing the victim as this wasn’t the first time he had beaten her like that.

Some of the comments read:

Chengetai Rusheche: Please report and seek health care. Human bites are very poisonous. You might end up losing your hand.


Cathy Kate: Dai wabaiwa prevention from rabies because that woman is definitely imbwa hake.

Adam Musa: Hardy my guy Speedy recovery bro.Kuri ku Kereke ye fire she has a spirit of anger. Asi her being that violent she probably has unresolved issues from her past. You just got caught up in it so did her previous and next.

Nigel Pfunde: Don’t be tribalistic unorumwa zvakare. Apa wakarumwa on Unity Day hahaha

Nicole Chenge: I think u should learn to tell the truth. You have beaten Pride up countless times and she forgave you.

Mss Pryde: How many times have I gone quiet whilst you hit me, how many times, so you wanted me to stand still while you were murdering me. REALLY? You tell them your friends how you much you hit me, I am all bruised up right now. That hand that hits women had to be bitten…. If I had not done that where you going to stop. Was it the first uchindirova. Leave my tribe alone.

Christian King Saunyama: My guy am so sorry, I always post that men are equally vulnerable to abuse from women and people take it as a joke. So many guys are called woman beaters yet they act in self-defense because situation would have gone too far. Imagine that bite had severed an artery? And people say don’t push her, she is a woman, man up…… Am so sorry my guy u will be ok.

Joy Bhila Kwaramba You sound like a narcissist. Your Ex is saying you beat her up ane now you are running to social media to make her look crazy.

Miss Pryde also took it to her Facebook page she had just discovered that she was dating an abusive man who is also a serial cheat.

Her post read:

Dear Madirirano.You made sure I know my so called bae is a lame a** who** ,thank you so much. Did I mention that he left my face all bruised up. So apparently I had been dating an idiot who hits women. He even said that if I tell people about how he treats me he is going to fu** me up, heavens I need a hug.

Pride’s post also attracted a number of comments of people and some of the comments read:

Ishe Anesu Itayi Hleketere: I’m sorry but I envy your courage. Make noise about it expose this egocentric foul treatment that our fellow guys are doing. It’s misrepresenting us as man. I’m glad you did this. Get well soon and please be safe.

Nyashadzaishe Nhapi: Sorry darling sis. We are already organising for a new bae don’t worry.

Charlene Sophia Latoya Mangweni: But I told you ukuthi leave that idiot kudala. He doesn’t deserve you my darling. Please run!

Butler Bright Maposa: Mss Pryde two questions wakabva wamuramba here n did u make a police report?

Joe Njagu: Mss Pryde and you are friends with me uchiitwa izvozvo. I need to meet this douche and see how much he loves to hit. Am serious Pryde and angry

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