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16 April 2018

. . . blog monetising challenges

Influencers still have a long way to go in Zimbabwe.

However, six years ago, the digital media industry was not as widespread but that didn’t stop the birth of Signature Toscie.

The fashion blog, which is a brainchild of Tendai Kamusikiri, has been thriving and due to consistence it attracts a decent amount of traffic.

Tendai, who exhibits strong entrepreneurial skills, has turned her site into a brand bigger than herself.

“I was both curious and frustrated of the lack of information and knowledge about Fashion in Zimbabwe.

“At the time I didn’t know any designers nor was there anything that documented something unique or interesting about fashion, the people, the scenery and just the stores available to the discerning/curious individual.

“So in essence blogging helped me to do my research, discover and share what I journeyed and stumbled upon.

“Deciding on blogging came at a point where I wanted to express myself and what I was curious about at that point in my life which was my early twenties,” she told H-Metro.

The 27-year-old originally had plans of venturing into music though life had different plans for her which landed her in the new media and fashion industry.

From blogging and image consultancy to the creation of Tendai NeRudo clothing line, she said her designs are aimed at encouraging women to be appreciative of their bodies.

Signature Toscie will be celebrating six years since it was launched and the founder has been sharing knowledge she has acquired over the years through style sessions.

Tendai’s last style session focused more on natural hair, a movement that has gained a lot of attention from women of colour who are ever hungry for tips and tricks.

“The brand Signature Toscie has evolved over the past two years from a fashion blog to a Fashion and Lifestyle Consultancy brand that brings you The Style Sessions and Tendai NeRudo Clothing.

“Style Sessions are a Premier Women’s Empowerment Style Brunch that we bring to you twice a year.

“Tendai NeRudo is a clothing line rooted out of Grace and Sophistication as a ready to wear stylish brand that encapsulates Class, Elegance and Glamour.

“The clothing line was inspired by my own personal journey of having my body and looks criticised and ridiculed upon even in cases where I found myself comfortable within my own skin as a slim African Woman,” she said.

Speaking on her current obsessions the fashionista put Rose gold on top of her list along with black and nude which she said has been dominating her wardrobe.

Tendai has a love for accessories and she told H-Metro that she cannot do without good pair of sunglasses, a watch and a stylish handbag.

“My style is classy, effortless, and chic with subtle sophistication; I am currently leaning towards being minimal yet still functional in every day wear.

“For some reason I am currently obsessing over interior décor; and I have been trying my hand at it too, maybe soon enough we will see an interior décor section for Signature Toscie.

“Minimalism is this new trend of literally minimising your wardrobe and/or closet purchases to items that you actually need and items that you will actually wear.

“Long-line Blazers are a favourite right now on social media particularly Instagram and Pinterest because they transcend throughout all the seasons of the year and they are not limited to just one occasion; but if cleverly styled you can wear a long-line blazer at just about any occasion making it a classy staple to add to one’s closet,” Tendai said.

The blogger said it is of great importance to incorporate appropriate diet, exercise and meditation into day to day routines, as well as kindness.

She, however, pointed out that the local blogging industry is not as rosy as it is in other countries such as South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

“My journey as a Fashion & Style Blogger has been both wonderful and challenging.

“It would be difficult to credit blogging as a full time career in Zimbabwe as opportunities do not come by easy.

“So the most challenging thing about my blogging journey is monetizing my brand and convincing people that new age digital media is the new way to go in terms of business, advertising and marketing in Zimbabwe,” she told H-Metro.

Tendai revealed that teenage girls transiting to womanhood, working women between ages of 21 to 40 relate more to her work and some fashion-keen gentlemen have also shown interest.

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