Touts should be dealt with: PAZ

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Touts should be dealt with: PAZ Lynn and Tinashe


1 June 2016

Lynn and Tinashe

Lynn and Tinashe

The Passenger Association of Zimbabwe has said that the latest case of a pregnant woman who died after she was allegedly assaulted by some touts is evidence that the chaos caused by the unruly elements has gone too far.

In a press statement, PAZ president Tafadzwa George Goliati also called on the “law enforcement agencies to act decisively against touts and touting. “

“The death of Lyn Chidawaya, 25, and her unborn child would not have happened, if it were not for these touts who harassed and punched her and her sister as a way of forcing them to board their bus.

“PAZ continues to receive complaints countrywide and has always communicated this harassment to law enforcement agents, especially with regard to Mbudzi Terminus, Exhibition Park and Mbare Musika. “Which is why we also call for a police post at Mbudzi roundabout.

“This harassment is worse to women and the elderly.

“Fresh in the minds of many people is the case of the young woman who was stripped by touts, kombi drivers and conductors in 2014.

“The same touts harass Girls High and Queen Elizabeth students at the Park Lane/Leopold Takawira Street illegal bus termini, where a Girls High School pupil and another man died after being run over by a kombi.

“The misguidance of touts has been worsened by the prevalence of Broncleer also known as broncho, illicit alcohol and other hard drug substances (being abused) at most termini,” added the PAZ.

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