Town Clerk explains water rationing

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Town Clerk explains water rationing City of Harare Town Clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango


Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

HARARE Town clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango says they are rationing water in the capital due to low levels in the main reservoirs.

Chisango said raw water is in short supply and this has forced them to introduce water rationing so early in the drought year.

“Lake Chivero, which is Harare’s main source of water has been affected by siltation thereby leading to water shortages in Harare.

“Water levels have gone down and the depth of the lake has reduced due to siltation

Water in the Lake Chivero has extremely gone down due to drought and raw water has worsened in terms of quality because of heavy pollution,” he said.

His position on Lake Chivero however, contradicts Zinwa who insist there is enough raw water to serve Harare for at least two years.

Chisango explained the reasons behind water rationing in the capital.

“The reason behind water rationing is that we want to make sure that we stretch the resources that we have so as avoid future problems.

“The water level (in March this year) is very low as compared to the same time last year, so rationing water was a good move inasmuch as people were against the idea but we were preparing for the future

“People should understand that we received poor rains this year and dam levels are very low and this initiative was to make sure that every suburb receives water following the water rationing time table,” he said.

Chisango added:

“If it doesn’t rain soon the city will face a serious problem and that’s the main reason why we came up with the water rationing schedule as a way of conserving water.

“Some of the western suburbs were getting water five or six days in a week so we have to reduce those days so that Eastern suburbs also get enough water.

“The main purpose of this initiative is to make sure that there is enough water for each and every suburb.

Engineer Chisango said they would adjust the water rationing schedule if it rains.

“If it rains soon, we will adjust the schedule and we will add more days and the residents will get more water,” he said.

Chisango said suburbs were to be allocated water according to the population density.

The water schedule released will see Mbare, Highfield, Sunningdale, Ardbennie, Mufakose, Graniteside, Willowvale, Central Business District and Southerton industrial area receiving water every day while other suburbs will get water twice or thrice a week.

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