Transform mindest: Zivhu

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Transform mindest: Zivhu Dr Killer Zivhu


6 December 2018

Dr Killer Zivhu

EVERYONE must transform their mindset and focus on development for the nation to develop and prosper, Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu has said.

While introducing #mynationfirstmesecond aimed at promoting togetherness in developing the nation during a media briefing yesterday, Zivhu implored all Zimbabweans to put the nation above personal interests for the positive development of the country.

#mynationfirstmesecond is a brainchild of the philanthropic vehicle – The Killer Zivhu Foundation.

This will be promoted via regalia like shirts, t-shirts and caps that appeal across political and religious divides.

He said there will be cellphone pouches, mugs, vehicle stickers, pens, plastic and paper bags in promoting the #mynationfirstmesecond mantra.

“Being in Zimbabwe is our birth right and this is where we belong even though we can settle in other countries. One can never have a true sense of belonging in a foreign country and this is where our loyalty should lie.

“The dream of the nation for everybody; personal dreams suffocate the country and do not benefit the country in any way,” Zivhu said.

He said personal dreams once they spread they are incurable.

“Unfortunately our country becomes inhabitable as a result of personal dream,” he said.

Zivhu said the #mynationfirstmesecond mantra sought to address divisions in people along political, religious and cultural lines so that they unite for the common purpose of developing the country.

“Our divisions should not stop us from putting the nation first.

“. . . we all belong to the same country, Zimbabwe as one and we should unite on the grounds of being Zimbabweans.

“Every problem is solved by dialogue across the world and the love of our motherland should come from the heart.

“Therefore it is the duty of every Zimbabwean to prioritise unity, development and progress in preparation of the coming generations,” said Zivhu.

He said personal gains should be a second priority while imploring people solve difference amicably for the common good of the country.

Zivhu implored sports teams to put the nation first before remuneration.

“We (should) participate for the nation, raising the Zimbabwean flag high in honour of our birth right putting our personal gains aside.”

He added that even in learning institutions pupils and students should put effort with developing their country at heart.

“Students in schools should know that whatever education they are getting is for the development of this nation as the future leaders.

“Even if one gets to work in a foreign land, the benefits of knowledge should be seen in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zivhu said #mynationfirstmesecond mantra would immensely help in developing the country with common purpose mindset.

“Any communication done on any platform about Zimbabwe must help in building the country and not destroy it.

“Some communicate on social media for personal gratification without looking at the repercussions.

“Foreigners do not build Zimbabwe; they help us in building our nation,” Zivhu said.

He said the international world was in some cases failing to assist Zimbabwe because of the negative publicity being peddled my Zimbabweans.

“If we put our country first and our opinions second, Zimbabwe can be rebuilt,” Zivhu said.

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