Transport woes intensify

13 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
Transport woes intensify Commuters have been left stranded as ZUPCO is now overwhelmed


Zvikomborero Parafini, H-Metro Reporter

Transport woes are intensifying in Harare as more businesses are now running in the second level of Lockdown Zimbabwe.

In the Central Business District, hundreds were stranded along Mutare Road looking for transport to get to their respective homes.

The ZUPCO buses that have been mandated to ferry people in the lockdown after kombis were banned are being overwhelmed by the numbers of people who now require being ferried following the re-opening of some businesses and businesses.

Long queues are now a usual sight in the designated ranks as the buses are now carrying a few passengers at a time in compliance to the Covid-19 social distancing regulations.

On Monday, the ZUPCO Chief Executive officer Everisto Madangwa assured commuters that more buses will be added to the fleet and they aim to have over one thousand ZUPCO registered combis and slightly above five hundred buses to ease the current transport woes.

Madangwa also made calls to commuter omnibus owners who are interested in franchising with the transport entity to come forward and do so.

Commuters have been left stranded as ZUPCO is now overwhelmed

Combis that will be registered under ZUPCO will be expected to comply with the social spacing regulations meaning a reduced number of passengers, hand sanitising upon entry and having their combis disinfected twice a day.


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