Zvikomborero Parafini 

A LOCAL businessman lost US$89 000 in a botched fuel deal.

Boniface Mudzingwa, who is in the transport business, was told by Arthur Takatizwa Chitiyo that he could supply him with oil called Light Straight Run or naphtha petroleum, which is a product of distillation of crude oil.

Although Mudzingwa was not familiar with the product, he got interested, considering the profit he would realise after reselling the oil.

Chitiyo told Mudzingwa that he would dispose the oil on his behalf.

Chitiyo ordered 89 000 litres of the oil and ordered Mudzingwa to pay the sum of ZAR1 453 750.

He was instructed to transfer ZAR 1 308 750 into a South African account belonging to a company called Pomona Energy.

The other ZAR 145 000 had to be transferred into another South African account belonging to Norman Masindi.

After receiving the money, Chitiyo instructed Mudzingwa to send his trucks to ferry the oil. 

He sent his trucks and the oil was loaded and brought to Zimbabwe.

Chitiyo then took the trucks from Mudzingwa’s garage saying that he was going to sell it on his behalf.

It is the State’s case that Chitiyo sold the oil and converted the money to his own use.

After multiple attempts to get his money, Mudzingwa filed a police report.

Chitiyo appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi who remanded him out of custody to April 30.

Rufaro Chonzi appeared for the State.

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