Trials shall come to pass: Shasha

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Trials shall come to pass: Shasha Sasha Amadhuve who passed through the late Mbuya Madhuve’s tutelage, reckons all the trials and tribulations we face shall come to pass with God’s intervention.


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

VERSATILE mbira princess Sasha Amadhuve has urged people to be firm and resolute during challenging times.

Sasha, who passed through the late Mbuya Madhuve’s tutelage, reckons all the trials and tribulations we face shall come to pass with God’s intervention.

Sasha urges people to be firm during trying times

She opened up through her three singles she released yesterday entitled Machinda, Madhunamutuna and Zelusiwe which was penned by Mbuya Madhuve prior to her death.


The song Madhunamutuna was recorded by Mono Mukundu at Monolio Studios while Machinda was recorded by longtime producer Oscar Chamba of KOM studios and Mbuya aMadhuve’s single is being done by Jabulani Ndlovu of Trutone Studios.


In an interview with H-Metro, she explained the meanings of the two songs she wrote, which are set to hold their own.


“The song Machinda is a call to God for divine intervention following a spate of serious natural disasters that has befallen the human race at large and Zimbabwe in particular.

Sasha  dropped three singles on Monday

“The drought, the tsunamis and cyclones, the Covid-19 pandemic… have left many wondering and has affected every in a way.


“So we are now calling on the gods to send us spiritual fighters to fight for us since we now feel frightened and lonely. The loss of our loved ones is scary,” she said.


On the single Madhunamutuna, she explained:


“Madhunamutuna is a call to both man and God to restore us as a people with a culture and a heritage as Zimbabweans  we have allowed foreign cultures and gods to lead us and this has caused us to face a lot of man-made challenges such as drug abuse and murder.


“We have lost Ubuntu so I am asking the gods and the elders amongst us to lead us again as a people.”


With most artistes grounded on Covid-19 induced lockdown, Sasha said she has been busy in and outside the studio.


“All in all it took me about six months working on this project. We did about 10 songs during the lockdown but for now we are dropping just two as a special way of thanking and preparing our fans for the big one that we are dropping in mid-November.


“It will be released on November 13 to be specific so we are going to drop a new single from the late Mbuya aMadhuve’s discography titled Zelusile  which she wrote and sadly passed on before finishing the product  and on this one I am working with my brother Pamsin,” she said.


Like most of her peers, Sasha was not spared from the effects of Covid-19 since she lost her source of income.


“The lockdown was harsh on me especially considering the fact that I earn my living as a performing artiste and the stage is my hunting ground.


“It wasn’t easy dropping from four to six shows every week to none in months but I believe it was a necessary move we had to play our part in containment of the pandemic.


“I managed to secure a few private gigs for family functions and I have been hiring out my PA system to make ends meet.


“However for me this long break also had its positives for I had a chance for some real quality time with the kids and their dad. I also got a big chance to create tonnes of music we now have a lot of new stuff for our fans.


“I miss the stage a lot, the cheering fans I miss you,” she said.


Sasha also assured fans that Mbuya Madhuve’s legacy would not be interred with her remains as she is ‘still alive’.


“Mbuya madhuve’s legacy is in very safe hands. Like I said before we are going to be finishing some of her unfinished work and she will be releasing singles from the grave and her fans will love it so much.


“We had plans to hold a gala for her in Guruve this September but due to the pandemic we had to cancel.


“We have also changed the name of our group from aMadhuve Sasha and Talking guitars to aMadhuve Sasha and the AMadhuve legacy band in honour of her contribution to the music industry.


“We also penned a song for her titled Kaiwa which we will drop before year end,” she added.


Sasha was one of the most active divas prior to the Covid-19 lockdown along with Selmor Mtukudzi, Diana Samkange, Ammara Brown, Tamy Moyo, Ammi Jamanda and Tete Pipilo among others.

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