Trio in court over phone dealer’s murder

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Trio in court over phone dealer’s murder Sypho Million Ncube


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

Masvingo High Court resident judge’s son Munyaradzi Mawadze and his two accomplices appeared in court yesterday charged for murdering popular phone dealer Sypho Million Ncube.

Mawadze, 20, who is a student at the University of Zimbabwe was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa with his accomplices Elvis Dongo Saungweme, 22, and Dellon David Balani 22.

Ncube had been missing for the past two weeks and the trio reportedly led the police to Ruwa where they had dumped Ncube’s body after murdering him.

The court heard that on March 12, the trio hatched a plan to rob Ncube of his top of the range phones and money.

In pursuant of their plan, the three approached the deceased driving a Honda Fit alleging that they wanted to buy three IPhone Pro-max phones.

Ncube who was known to Mawadze, got into their car after agreeing with his colleagues that the phones were going to be sold for US$1 800 on their behalf for a commission.

The three reportedly informed Ncube that the money was at their place of residence in Waterfalls.

Ncube is alleged to have agreed to go with them to Waterfalls but on the way, the trio diverted the route and drove towards Ruwa and whilst along the way, they robbed him of the phones and an unknown sum of cash.

The State alleged that after robbing him, the trio went on to stab him with a knife and ripped open his throat then dragged his body after his vehicle and dumped it about five meters from Chiremba Road and drove away unnoticed.

The trio reportedly shared amongst themselves Ncube’s belongings and on the same day, his relatives became suspicious of his disappearance and followed up on Mawadze’s house and he professed ignorance of Ncube’s whereabouts.

In a bid to cover up, Mawadze sent a message to his phone from Ncube’s phone alleging that he had been kidnapped.

Mawadze reportedly washed the blood stained car before escaping to Masvingo.

Ncube’s relatives filed a police report at ZRP Harare Central and investigations were done leading to the recovery of the car used in the commission of the crime.

The police further searched Mawadze’s room in the presence of his roommate Dylan Nira and a pair of black jeans, a white vest and a pair of Nike sneakers which were all blood stained were found.

Mawadze was reportedly wearing those clothes on the day of the murder.

On March 24, Mawadze was arrested in Masvingo and was brought to CID Harare where during an interview he implicated his two accomplices.

Further follow ups were made by CID Homicide leading to Saungweme’s arrest at his place of residence and searches were done in his room leading to the recovery of blood stained clothes he was wearing on the murder day.

Saungweme also led to the recovery of blood stained clothes he was wearing at the murder scene.

Saungweme also led to the recovery of an iPhone 8 which was Ncube’s personal phone and implicated his two accomplices.

Mawadze and Saungweme freely and voluntarily led police detectives to Ruwa where they made indications under video camera and the body was found at an advanced stage of decomposition.

The police ferried the deceased’s body to Parirenyatwa Hospital Mortuary for post-mortem.

The police also followed up on Balani’s arrest in Waterfalls and he led the police to the recovery of the kitchen knife that had been used to murder the car dealer and also led them to a bushy area where they had cleaned the blood from the car after the murder.

The total value of the stolen property is US$7 700 and property valued at US$2 400 was recovered.

Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State.

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