Did we miss a HUGE hint on Wicknell’s birthday?

Omission of wife in post now has a new meaning

Talent Gore

WHEN Wicknell Chivayo chose his birthday anniversary to post a cryptic message last year, it provoked a lot of questions as to what he really meant.

That was in November last year.

Even us, at H-Metro, were left wondering and ran a headline which screamed: WICKNELL, WHAT DID YOU REALLY MEAN?

Chivayo said in that post that only his two children were the ones who really loved him without any strings or expectations of financial benefits.

“The only two living people that love me unconditionally,” he posted, with a picture of his kids. 

“The rest makateya mari ndiri kukuzivayi hangu.”

The impression people got from that birthday post was that anyone else, who was not his kids, was targeting a financial benefit from his or her association with Chivayo.

When H-Metro contacted Chivayo to explain his post he said there were no hidden messages and it was just a mere caption without any references.

“It’s a mere caption with no hidden meaning, hapana zvimboripo, ingori caption yandaisa papicture rangu.”

However, after the collapse of his seven-year marriage to his estranged wife Sonja Madzikanda, it’s probably fair to ask if he also included her among those he said did not love him without targeting financial benefit?

Some suggested that Chivayo posted that video, with that particular caption in protest, because Sonja had not posted anything to wish him a happy birthday.

Now, after the breakdown of their marriage, it’s understandable that many are looking back at those messages and wondering if they didn’t miss some red flags during that period.

Was there some trouble in paradise, which had escaped the attention of many, which he wanted the world to know and did this concern issues they were having with Sonja?

There were mixed reactions on social media, which showed that many felt his post was pregnant with meaning.

Ironically, Chivayo has looked like a man in a very good space in recent months.

He has appeared to be happy with his life and business and has been showering a lot of people, including artists and his church leaders, with presents and money.

Some of these beneficiaries have even received brand new cars, including expensive ones costing as much as US$180 000.

Only yesterday, after news broke that his marriage had broken down, Chivayo didn’t seem concerned and, instead, started the day with a donation of a new car to musician Sniper Storm.

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