Trust to build cultural centre

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Trust to build cultural centre Let Them Trust, event manager Chido Musasiwa


Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment

Let Them Trust, an arts organisation which promotes school festivals and young talent, has made great strides in restoring African culture.

In a recent tour in Domboshava where they secured a place to set up a cultural centre, the organisation has vowed to leave footprints of success. They will be accommodating children and bringing them closer to their culture.

At the new place, there are balancing rocks, cave paintings and also slight evidence of villages having existed there.


Music Crossroads Zimbabwe and Intwasa will come in as partners.

Balancing rocks

Arts practitioner  and events management guru Chido Musasiwa who sits on the board of Let Them Trust said the new place is meant to showcase how people lived in the old days.


“In as much as we would like to build up our infrastructures, we are not going to remove the balancing rocks that are here.


“We are going to leave them here and we are going to find a way to manoeuver around them and build our huts and structures around then.


“Children are supposed to come here and they are supposed to see where the caves where kings and chiefs were buried are.


“There is also need for them to see the rock paintings that were done by their ancestors and what their way of life was like,” she said.


Asked if  Let Them Trust would build modern huts to fit into the current way of life, Chido said:


“We are going to build round huts like the ones that our ancestors used to live in.


“The only modern things that we are going to be putting are mattresses, showers and flush toilets.


“The rest of the things are going to be from the old ages for there are going to be mats where people sleep on if they do not want the mattresses.”


Chido said they would set up different compounds for different types of people with different languages found in Zimbabwe.


These include compounds for the Zezuru, Karanga and the Ndebele among others.


By so doing, they ensure that everyone gets to have a true understanding of the all the tribes that are in Zimbabwe.


The arts haven that is to be erected in about four years’ time by Let Them Trust is mainly meant to give more attention and show appreciation for the arts.


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