Tryson defies illness

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Tryson defies illness Tryson Chimbetu


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

TRYSON Chimbetu says ill-health will not deter him from launching his latest album Chii Chakadoro at Solomons Café in the capital.

Titled Chi Chakadaro, today’s event boasts of a few selected and lucky live audience while hordes of other fans will catch all the action on line.


Speaking to H-Metro last night, a buoyant Tryson said it was all systems go for the album launch.


“I have been working on this project for the greater part of the year but illness almost affected me when I was doing my final touches.


“I once experienced excruciating pain last week but after recovering from illness, I decided to do final touches and come up with the project,” said Tryson.


In his quest to give fans variety, Tryson has collaborated with a number of artistes in other genres.


“I have featured an Angolan artiste, rapper Ti-Gonzi and another artiste called Daisy who is working with us.


“Some of the songs to look forward to on this album compirise Matemai, Chitima, Highway, Toenda Tese, Enda Unoudza Amai, One More Night  and  Kanjuru featuring Ti-Gonzi,” he said.


He added:


“I have also invited Andy Muridzo, Blessing Blade, Uncle Sam and Madzinza Embira.”


He however said he had not yet contacted any of the Chimbetus of song – Allan, Sulu and Dougie – to attend the launch since he was committed.


“I was under pressure for a while due to the travel restrictions and the illness I had last week that I almost forgot to invite my relatives in music.


“I will do so now that I have something on the market and I believe in family,”he said.


Tryson Chimbetu’s album comes at a time when his cousin Suluman Chimbetu has released his own album titled Entanglemet while his uncle and father-figure Allan has dropped a polished album titled Urgent Matter.


If Tryson Chimbetu drops his album Chii Chakadaro, surely there we be a battle of dendera fans this festive season.


On that note, fans will also be spoilt for choice this weekend as the Chimbetus of song’s ‘battle’ of fans gets exciting.




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