Tsipa haunts CAPS

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Tsipa haunts CAPS Tsipa


7 November 2018


FORMER CAPS United hitman Leonard Tsipa has returned to haunt his former club off the field of play with a US$7 000 lawsuit.

Tsipa has approached his lawyers demanding his sign on fees of US$7 000 when he re-joined the former Cup Kings in 2015.

The striker also prays for interest calculated at the prescribed rate from the date of summons to the date of payment in full.

Tsipa also prays that defendant pays for cost of suit.

League winner in 2005 with 10 goals under his belt and again in 2016 Tsipa, through his lawyers Mhishi Nkomo legal practitioners, alleges that CAPS Unite agreed to pay his sign on fees on or before April 30, 2017 but up to now he has not got his dues.

“Defendant agreed to pay an amount of $US7 000 being sign on fees to the Plaintiff on or before the 30th of April 2017.

“Despite demand, the second defendant has refused, failed or neglected to pay the outstanding amount to the Plaintiff,” reads the summons.

CAPS United have been given seven days to respond or meet the demands.

“In default of your doing so you will be held to have admitted the said claim and the Plaintiff may proceed therein and judgment may be given against you in absence, but that, on payment of the said claim and cost to me within the said time, judgement will not be entered against you herein; and that if before the expiration of the said time you so pay or lodge with me and the Plaintiff a Consent to Judgment, you will save judgment charges,” Tsipa’s lawyers wrote to CAPS United.

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