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… birthday celebrations on cards

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Daisy Mtukudzi says she would not pay attention to distractors ‘peddling lies’ about the collapse of their empire.

The 62-year-old widow to the departed national hero and music icon Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi says she was doing her best to safeguard cultural icon’s empire.

Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi

Tuku died on January 23 2019 aged 66, leaving a void hard to fill in showbiz.


Two years and some months down the line, a lot has been said about Tuku’s legacy, which some believed would collapse but Daisy thinks otherwise.

Daisy Mtukudzi and Tuku

Tomorrow marks his 68th birthday and Daisy will remember the icon with mini dinner at a venue to be advised later this month.


“Tuku’s birthday will always remain in my heart because it’s a day when I learnt a lot from the cultural icon, especially unity, love and getting well along with others.


“The people who used to celebrate with us over the years had become part of our family but in life there comes a time to say good bye,” she said.


The multi-tasking businesswoman said she would not be deterred by haters in celebrating Tuku’s life with her inner circle.


“A lot has been said about Tuku’s crumbling empire which is not true.


“I have been accused of selling some of the properties like cars but fun enough everything is there and I am still using the said car which is believed to have been sold.


“Surely, how can I sell the stuff my husband sweated for over a very long period of time,” she said.


She said haters have also made her strong as a single woman.


“The only difference that is there between me and other widows is that I have remained focused and a hard working woman.


“As someone married to a prominent person, it was bound to happen that people will always say what they want but I don’t have control over what they say about myself.


“I think the truth will come out at some point but the truth is that everything is still intact but the only noticeable thing is Tuku’s absence,” she said.


Asked how they were going to celebrate Tuku’s birthday during such terrible times of Covid-19,  she said:


“To be honest we can’t hold a big bash or even as we used to do because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


“Like I told you earlier on, we are organising a mini dinner later this month where a few people will be invited.


“At the moment, I don’t have anything special for the 22nd of September because I was running around at a farm with other things.”


She however said she still meets Tuku in her dreams.


“He always appear in my dreams chatting with me as we used to do.


“During this time of the month, Tuku would be on the forefront helping me to organise his birthdays.


“He was a man of the people who believed in self-respect and pride.


“He loved people, he would do everything in his power to ensure that his fans are happy and we will continue doing what he taught us even though it’s not easy,” she said.


Family wise, Daisy said she has always been multitasking way before she married Tuku.


“I was born a hard worker who has always believed in hard in herself.


“I never stopped working even after getting involved with Tuku because I was groomed to be workaholic which has made my life easier.


“I have never begged for food because I really work hard,” she added.


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