Tuku legacy lives on: Simango

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Tuku legacy lives on: Simango Tungamidzai Simango


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

TUKU Music board chairperson and registered arts promoter Tungamidzai Simango says he will do his best to assist Oliver Mtukudzi’s family with his expertise.

Tunga – as the affable administrator is fondly known – said Tuku’s wife Daisy deserved love and respect after losing her husband.

Tungamidzai Simango with Faith Kadzura

“There are things that we used to do with the blessing of the late Tuku as a board that we still need to do better even after his death.


“As the board chairperson of the Tuku Music brand, I was doing most of the administrative works with a vibrant team that had the likes of Faith Kadzura and others but at the moment the burden is now on mama Daisy.


“A lot has been said in the papers but right now I think Daisy deserves love and respect as a hard working woman,” he said.


Tunga said it was high time people who are ‘demonising’ Daisy come forward with new ideas and save Tuku’s legacy.


“It’s funny how some people would spend their times trying to pull Daisy Mtukudzi down without offering her some help.


“From my experience after working with mama and the late Tuku, this family had an open door policy and I challenge those with ideas to come forward and help the family,” he said.


The astute businessman hailed the Tuku family for celebrating the life of the late national hero.


“It’s a good initiative when the family still respects Oliver Mtukudzi in such a way.


“From the speeches you heard here, people saluted him a unifier, great music teacher  and entrepreneur whose legacy deserves to be kept intact.


“Tuku is as good as Bob Marley who is still being celebrated world-over after his death in 1981.


“As a progressive nation, we can still copy from Jamaicans who celebrate Bob Marley 40 years after his death,”  he said.


Tunga challenged Tuku’s children to unite and keep their father’s legacy alive.


“To day was a great day for Tuku’s children who get well along and it is my hope that they continue showing each other some love.


“I will always be there if they need my expertise but what we saw today from the children shows us what kind of a father Tuku was.


“He is someone who loved his children sin and family.  Tuku was someone who prioritised his family and today you just saw it,” he added.




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