Tuku’s song keeps me going: Prison inmate

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Tuku’s song keeps me going: Prison inmate Precious Rumbidzai Ngirazi


Arron Nyamayaro
A 28-year-old woman, serving a jail sentence for fraud, has been finding peace of mind from the late Oliver Mtukudzi song ‘‘Ivai Navo.’’

She was scared for her children’s future upon her conviction.


Precious Rumbidzai Ngirazi, a mother of two, shared her fears with H-Metro last Thursday, on the sidelines of a peace education programme, being carried out by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service.


“The day I was convicted I thought it was the end of my life and the lives of my children,” said Precious.


“I could not forgive myself, felt emotionally spent as a female prison officer led me to the cells with high walls that barricaded me from giving my children their mother’s love.


“Pane rwiyo rwa Oliver Mtukudzi paanoti muri ziso pandinofamba muri ziso pandisiri. Mwari wangu woye ivai navo nekuti simba netariro yangu ndiyo shoma.


“That song kept on ringing in my mind and kept me stronger and I found inner peace from it.


“Today, I see myself as a new person, relieved and full of hope following the peace education we have been receiving.


“Yakatambika yakatambika, jeri rinopera.”


She said she was now bullish about her future.


“I see the light, a new dawn and I am full of hope that one day I will reunite with my family and another chance is there.


“I have given my heart, soul and body to the Almighty God and there is an assurance of salvation, through believing in the resurrected Son of God. Peace education has come at a time when I had lost hope but today it’s like rains, at last, to a hopeless farmer.


“What I never got worried of is to lose my lover. I am not married but attached to someone who loves me and I trust that our union will last till death do us part,” said Precious.


Precious is among more than 600 inmates who have benefitted from the programme.

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