Turbulence, Mega Banton Zim bound

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Turbulence, Mega Banton Zim bound Turbulence


6 February 2017



JAMAICAN stars Turbulence and Mega Banton will be heading to our shores in a potentially exciting tour of Africa from March 11 to April 19.

Dubbed the One Unity One Reggae Tour, the potentially exciting gig will be held on the eve of our 37th Independence.

The two’s visit has been made possible through a joint between Jamaica’s Yard 1 Promote and Red Fox Family International.

In an interview, one of the organisers, Robert Zhuwawo of Red Fox Family, he said they are excited to host reggae fiesta.

“Yard 1 Promote is the first promotion company from Jamaica to see the potential of synergizing with African promoters to grow reggae dancehall music in Africa.

We are honoured to have been picked as the synergizing partners for this great tour. As a Zimbabwean company we are proud to represent our country in the reggae dancehall world,” he said.

Zhuwawo also said their engagement with the Jamaican outfit will yield more results this year. “This arrangement should see more artists coming for tours in Africa and to Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe has over the years been able to showcase various commercial reggae dancehall acts and we are once again setting the trend in establishing credible links to the Caribbean islands and showcasing the depth of their cultures.”

He added:

“The Jamaicans will share the stage with one of Ghana rising artistes Epixode who recently signed on an international record deal with VP Records as part of our cultural exchange program initiatives.”

Mega Banton has to date released 700 songs to his name whilst Turbulence is a much respected artiste with over 28 albums.

Both artistes are expected to put up an exciting show that will take revellers down the 90’s to modern day reggae and dancehall.

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