Twelve O Two boss speaks on workers’ arrest

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Twelve O Two boss speaks on workers’ arrest Andy Balem


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Twelve O Two Herbal Solutions boss Andy Balem has opened up on the arrest of his employees who were reportedly picked on Saturday morning during a police raid.

Allegations which were circulating on social media were that the workers were arrested over human trafficking.


Contrary to the issue, National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said it was a breach of the Covid-19 regulations.


“According to the brief we have, it was the issue of Covid-19 regulations, social distancing and gathering.


“They deposited admission of guilty fines and were released,” he said.


Founder and Director Andy Baleni said they had to verify after some bogus cops approached them demanding US$6000.


“It was said the charge is human trafficking but those are lies, there were some bogus police who were demanding US$6000.


“But it was not something serious, it was unlawful arrest.


“It’s the social media which twisted the issue but everything has since returned to normalcy.


“We continue to offer our services,” he said.


Reports were that the workers were picked up by police around early morning of Saturday for contravening the Covid-19 regulations.


The development circulated on social media with different versions.


A close source had told H-Metro that the workers reside at the same house in Greystone Park.


“These workers stay in Greystone Park in large numbers, so they were sold out by neighbours who tipped police.


“The police reacted in the early morning of Saturday and raided the house.


“They were more than 200.”


Added the source:


“Neighbours claim that the workers were staying at the house whilst crowded.


“So the concerned neighbours just advised the police.”





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