Arron Nyamayaro

THE Twins Association of Zimbabwe yesterday joined other nations in celebrating World Twins Day.

Association presidents, Farai Lawyer Katonha and Tendai Mayor Katonha, led twins and multiple births families in prayer.

The Katonha brothers and their twin wives were the guests of honour.

One of the sets of twins, Silibaziso and Sithulisiwe Masapa, aged 40, told H-Metro that a hospital and school for multiple births would be ideal.

“My parents faced some challenges in raising us considering that we were born when they were old and in a family of eleven,” said Silibaziso.

“Our mother ended up failing to take us to hospital, resorting to herbs, and we also failed to complete our education.

“A hospital and school for twins and multiple birth kids is ideal.

“We faced stigma and sometimes we were dragged into issues we were not aware of because one would have mistaken us.

“Being married to twins would also be better for us as we understand our challenges.”

Progress and Precious Jenya, 39, of Bulawayo, were among the guests.

Clency Rufaro Chitate and Clery Rangariro Chitate, 23, of Chegutu also celebrated their birthday, which fell this month.

“We are appealing for help to mothers of multiple birth and twins,” said Farai Katonha.

“The number of twins dropping from school has been increasing as parents fail to adjust.

“A number of mothers are losing life during delivering twins or multiple births.

“As we join other nations in commemorating World Twins Day, it is our prayer that we get support in empowering twins and their families.”

Katonha said the Association has more than 52 000 members across the country.

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