Twist to Tapiwa Makore’s gruesome murder

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Twist to  Tapiwa Makore’s gruesome murder Tapiwa Makore


Tapiwa Makore and Mathew Masinge

THE High Court probe into the gruesome murder of 11-year-old Tapiwa Makore, allegedly for ritual purposes, continues with some witnesses backtracking on their initial statements.

Chief among the suspects are Tapiwa’s uncles – Tapiwa Makore Senior, Thanks Makore, headman Tafadzwa Shamba and Moud Hunidzarira.

They are appearing before High Court judge Munamato Mutevedzi.

Tapiwa was murdered in September 2020 and his body was found without a head and some body parts.

The State has lined up 10 witnesses, including one, Julia Kamunda, who has already been declared hostile, after she contradicted herself, in her statements.

Being the key witness, Kamunda, had incriminating evidence against both Shamba and Makore Snr, in the alleged commission of the murder.

Another witness, Joina Tangirire, retracted the statement she made to the police that she had bought the deceased boy’s flesh from Shamba.

“I never said that to the police, but only mentioned that Shamba came to me selling beef on September 18.

“We later exchanged the meat for some homemade brew worth US$3.

“I later cooked the meat, ate it and it tasted like beef.

“Never did I suspect that it was human meat,” Tangirire told the court.

Meanwhile, Shamba, through his lawyers, now wants to review evidence and indications he made while in police custody, saying everything was done under duress.

In their argument, the lawyers said Shamba was forced to own up to the murder of Tapiwa.

They also said Shamba never admitted to slitting the deceased’s throat, cutting off his limbs and throwing his legs into a pit toilet.


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