Zvikomborero Parafini

TWO female police officers stationed at Mbare Police Station, who were allegedly running a money-making project at the station’s entrance cashing from motorists, have been arrested.

Victoria Shonhiwa and Naume Dube  were not asked to plead when they appeared before regional magistrate Stanford Mambanje yesterday.

Allegations are that on March 11, the Police General Headquarters Internal Investigations team visited ZRP Mbare, in response to a tip-off from the public, that police officers deployed at the main gate were collecting money from motorists in dubious circumstances.

Upon arrival, the investigating team members stationed themselves at different points around the main gate on surveillance.

They observed that some of the vehicle owners paid money to the duo before they were allowed to leave.

The team then pounced on the duo and ordered them to go to the guard room so that they could be searched.

Shonhiwa and Dube refused to be searched and Dube became violent.

She was then overpowered by the investigating officers.

The police recovered US$120 from Dube.

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