Two families lose more than US$50K cash to robbers

01 Apr, 2022 - 00:04 0 Views
Two families lose more than US$50K cash to robbers


Arron Nyamayaro

TWO families lost more than US$50 000 to armed robbers in Chitungwiza and Kariba this week.

In the first case, 15 unidentified armed robbers attacked a Chitungwiza couple and got away with US$40 000, Z$20 000 and a Honda Fit vehicle.


In a statement, Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, said the suspects, who included one woman, were armed with machetes, knobkerries and hammers.


They pounced on a house in Manyame Park and assaulted the security guard, who was on duty, at the premises.


“The suspects blasted the complainant’s bedroom window with dynamite and attacked the complainant, who was in bed with his wife, and demanded cash.


“They also stole six cellphones, a pistol with an empty magazine and car keys for an Isuzu KB300,” he said.


In another case, Ass Comm Nyathi said police were investigating a robbery which occurred at Baobab Ridge in Kariba on Monday, at about 0630 hours.


Five unknown suspects, who were armed with a pistol, and a suspected UZI SMG, raided a local businessman’s house.


They held nine people hostage at the house.


The nine included family members and house workers.


They stole US$16 060 cash, five cellphones, a Garmin running watch, 20 x 20 Newbury brand cigarettes, 4 x 750ml bottles of whiskey and a Honda CRV vehicle.

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