Nokutenda Rusero

TWO friends were axed and killed on the same day at a farm in Chinhoyi last year.

The suspect, Peter Thomas (20) has finally appeared in court, facing two counts of murder. 

The court heard that in September last year, at River Range Village, Chinhoyi, Joshua Kadungure visited Peter  at his home.

Joshua asked for his shovel, which Peter had borrowed.

Peter denied ever borrowing the shovel from Joshua and this led to an argument and a physical fight.

When Peter was overpowered, he called for help from his father, Jealous Thomas, who came out of a hut with an axe and joined in the fight.

Peter used the axe to strike Joshua three times on the head and lost consciousness and died.

Joshua’s friend, identified only as Nyanguwo, arrived at the crime scene.

He was also targeted by Peter who used the same axe to strike him repeatedly on the head until he died.

Peter will be back on court on April 9.

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