Two killed in domestic violence

29 Mar, 2021 - 10:03 0 Views
Two killed in domestic violence


Today we have three stories of domestic violence – with two women dying as a result.

The less tragic one is about rapper Ti Gonzi who was dragged to court after he reportedly assaulted his ex-wife.


His estranged wife, lucky for him, told the court that she wanted to withdraw the matter before plea since he maintains the upkeep of their four-year-old son, and has a head injury that needs constant check-ups and he has since apologized.


The court heard that the two met to discuss the welfare of their child accused his ex-wife of always insulting him over the phone and began assaulting her with fists on her face before throwing a pliers he was holding at her right thigh. She was rescued by her friend and a well-wisher.


It is those tantrums like the one Ti Gonzi allegedly threw that need to be noticed and nipped in the bud.


Girls and women need to run away from men that show the smallest hints of violence. Because next time, that pliers is hitting her in the eye or somewhere more tragic.


That was the case in the other story we have – of a 22-year-old pregnant woman who died after being assaulted by her husband.


The woman was seriously assaulted by her husband with fists and open hands all over her body and died from the injuries sustained.


The third story is about a man who killed his wife over juice.


The woman died after her husband stabbed her several times on the neck and chest for refusing to serve him orange juice.


On both occasions, the police have issued statements urging people to shun domestic violence.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges members of the public to shun violence and solve disputes amicably. Police condemn domestic violence in the strongest terms and people should not take the law into their hands but report to law enforcement agencies or approach third parties for assistance to resolve conflicts.


“We continue to urge members of the public to observe the sanctity of life and to find better ways of solving disputes amicably. They must desist from engaging in violent behaviour so as to avoid loss of life,” said the police spokesperson.


And this is just one issue of one newspaper – with two murders over domestic violence. Many other cases of domestic violence go unreported and for some women – being bashed by their husbands is actually staple.


Something needs to be done – not only to stop men from abusing women but also to encourage more women to report cases of domestic violence and more girls to leave partners that display violent tendencies.

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