Two minors die in car boot

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Two minors die in car boot


. . . she forgot them

Arron Nyamayaro and Eltina Chagona

TWO girls aged three and four died in a Honda CRV vehicle boot while two survived after being forgotten in the car when it got parked.

The incident happened in Chiredzi on Tuesday where Seline Shiri and Lynet Musungatu are believed to have been suffocated in the boot after Zhuwakina Javangwe, 53, of Javas Day Care forgot them when she parked the car to attend to other things at the learning centre.

The two survivors were rushed to Chiredzi District Hospital for medical examination.

Source close occurrence said Javangwe parked her vehicle for more than three hours before she realised that there were four other children seated in the boot.

Zhuwakina Javangwe

“Madam Javangwe vasenga vana nemotokari yavo vakazokanganwa vamwe vana four mubhutu.

“One of her kitchen workers failed to report for duty and she assigned one of the teachers to cook.

“Madam Javangwe opted to feed the children.

“She forgot the four children and when she thought of cleaning the vehicle that is when she found them unconscious.

“Vamhanya mhanya vachiti ndaita accident vanhu vakashaya kuti accident papi panzvimbo imwe.

“Ndokuzoti ndakangamwa vamwe vana muboot,” said the source.

One of the houses where the kids stayed

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the tragedy saying Javangwe has been arrested.

“Police is investigating a case involving the death of two minor children left in a Honda CRV in Chiredzi,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“Two of the kids were rushed to Chiredzi District Hospital.

“The children were reported to have died after they were left with two others in a Honda CRV car by Zhuwakina Javangwe of Javas Day Care.

“Javangwe was reported to have ferried eight children on her first trip.

“Her second trip saw 10 children and when she arrived at her creche six boarded off and the four were left unattended in the trunk.

“Javangwe realised that she had forgotten two boys and two girls in the vehicle trunk when she was about to clean her car,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

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