Two months no water

Talent Gore

HARARE deputy mayor Kudzai Kadzombe, has said that the city has been facing serious service delivery challenges, particularly with water, as Ward 41 has gone without water for two months. 

Water quality at Lake Chivero has worsened, with engineers stating that a consignment of water treatment chemicals has been paid for. 

Solar-powered community boreholes are being drilled and six sites have been identified for water provision.

“The past month has been a very busy one for me and filled with so many challenges raised by residents such as lack of water.

“The water quality at Lake Chivero is at its worst and we visited Morton Jaffray water treatment plant with the mayor to assess the quality, the stocks of water chemicals and find a solution for the water crisis we are in, especially for Ward 41, as most areas have not received water for two months,” she said.

She said Ward 41 and other parts of Harare will get water later this week.

Kadzombe said she was working with the Marlborough district officer to drill solar powered community boreholes to ensure residents who cannot afford to buy water get it from the community boreholes when council has problems supplying residents with water.

‘‘I know this is not the best setup, but we need to find solutions and have options for those without boreholes and those who can’t afford to buy water from private companies.”

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